Aerosoul By Jules
Aerosoul By Jules

About Jules

This website is dedicated to the legacy, memory and art work of Jules Demetrius Mackel. As a local artist in Phoenix, Arizona, Jules developed an original Pop Art style in the way Andy Warhol did, by making it eye catching, political, wry and thought provoking. It is art that appeals to your senses and has earned Jules a respectful following in the dynamic Phoenix art community and beyond.

His Work


Faded Frank

Bill Murray

George Jefferson

David Bowie

Jules, the proud Papi, with his daughters Akira, Sasha and Riley

Remembering Jules

Sadly, in 2012, Jules began displaying symptoms of what would later be diagnosed as colon cancer. He underwent several surgeries and cancer treatments involving chemo, but the illness was relentless. In spite of it all, Jules continued to paint throughout the sickness. His drive, passion and love for painting was so strong that he literally painted non-stop until he slept for two days and then passed away. We invite you to view the Gallery and explore his final creations.

This site contains many of the art pieces that Jules produced in the last year of his life. They have been professionally photographed and reproduced on canvas. Theses reprints are now available in limited edition for your enjoyment. As he liked to say, “I cut paper, shake cans and make eyeballs smile.”

Our brother Jules died from colon cancer, and we believe it’s so very important to use this opportunity to bring awareness to colon cancer screening. It’s estimated that 5 percent (1 in 20) of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer of the colon or rectum in their lifetimes. While colon cancer remains the third leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S., it is almost entirely treatable and beatable if detected early. Regular colon screenings-colonoscopies- are the most effective tool we have to fight against colon cancer. Please, if you haven’t already, schedule a colon cancer screening soon to protect yourself and those you love from suffering from this terrible disease.

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